fading ethereal glow

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How to Get Things Done More Easily with Flowcharts for Autism/ADHD

We’ll get to the good stuff, but first I want to tell a little backstory. Imagine these scribbled with messy handwriting in a little red Moleskine: “Write down your favorite things.” “Think about how small you are in comparison to the universe–isn’t it incredible?” These were the sorts of things I wrote in a littleContinue reading “How to Get Things Done More Easily with Flowcharts for Autism/ADHD”


flashes of a bird wing perches in my mouth and grows, bulges a fire turning my lips to ash so i cannot speak. trudging through sands, dunes metamorphizing by the second. how do i speak from the heart as it churns and melts? wax down the candle’s curving hips, clumping fat screaming, whitening into aContinue reading “fadingetherealglow”

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